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Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Quad

LM324N Descrizione generale

LM324N is an integrated circuit that belongs to the family of operational amplifiers (op-amps). Specifically, it's a quad operational amplifier, which means it has four individual operational amplifiers in one package.

The LM324N is designed to amplify voltage signals and various analog signal processing and conditioning applications. It can perform various operations in electronic circuits, such as amplification, integration, differentiation, summing, and more. Due to its design, the LM324N can work with a single power supply, making it more versatile than some other op-amps that require dual power supplies.

At its core, an operational amplifier amplifies the voltage difference between its two input pins, known as the inverting (-) and the non-inverting (+) inputs. The output voltage is given by the equation:



  • is the gain of the op-amp (often very large, on the order of 100,000 or more for many op-amps).
  • is the voltage at the non-inverting input.
  • Vis the voltage at the inverting input.

For the LM324N, this principle applies to each of its four op-amps independently.

lm324n lm324n

Caratteristiche principali

  • Internally Frequency Compensated for Unity Gain: The op-amp is designed to ensure stable operation without requiring any external frequency compensation components for a gain of one.
  • Large DC Voltage Gain: 100 dB, which allows for substantial amplification of input signals.
  • Wide Bandwidth (Temperature Compensated): Offers a unity gain bandwidth of 1 MHz.
  • Wide Power Supply Range:

    Single Supply: 3 V to 32 V

    Dual Supplies: ±1.5 V to ±16 V
  • Low Supply Current Drain: Just 700 µA, and this current is essentially independent of the supply voltage.
  • Low Input Biasing Current (Temperature Compensated): 45 nA, meaning minimal current is drawn from the input source.
  • Low Input Offset:

    Voltage: 2 mV

    Current: 5 nA
  • Input Common-Mode Voltage Range: This range includes the ground, giving flexibility in input signal levels.
  • Differential Input Voltage Range: Equal to the power supply voltage.
  • Large Output Voltage Swing: From 0 V to V+ minus 1.5 V, providing a broad range of output signal levels.
  • Advantages

    Eliminates Need for Dual Supplies

    Packaging: Houses four internally compensated op-amps in one package, reducing component count and saving space.

    Direct Sensing Capability: Allows sensing near ground, and the output voltage (VOUT) can also go to ground.

    Logic Compatibility: It's compatible with all forms of logic.

    Power Efficiency: Its power drain is suitable for battery operation.

    Operational Flexibility: Even when operating from a single power supply voltage, the input common-mode voltage range includes ground, and the output voltage can swing to ground.
  • Temperature Compensation:

    The unity gain cross frequency is temperature compensated.

    Input bias current is also temperature compensated, ensuring stable operation across a wide temperature range.

LMx24-N, LM2902-N Low-Power, Quad-Operational Amplifiers datasheet (Rev. D) - TI
LM324N Datasheet (PDF) - NXP Semiconductors
LM324N Datasheet (PDF) - STMicroelectronics
LM324N Datasheet (PDF) - Texas Instruments

lm324n lm324n pinout


  • Blu-ray Players and Home Theaters
  • Chemical and Gas Sensors
  • DVD Recorders and Players
  • Digital Multimeter: Bench and Systems
  • Digital Multimeter: Handhelds
  • Field Transmitter: Temperature Sensors
  • Motor Control: AC Induction, Brushed DC,Brushless DC, High-Voltage, Low-Voltage, Permanent Magnet, and Stepper Motor
  • TV: LCD and Digital
  • Temperature Sensors or Controllers Using Modbus
  • Weigh Scales

LM324N Pinout

LM324N PinoutLM324N Pin descriptions

LM324N circuit


ProductType Amplifier ICs Number of Channels 4 Channel
Supply Voltage - Max 32 V GBP - Gain Bandwidth Product 1.2 MHz
Output Current per Channel 20 mA SR - Slew Rate 500 mV/us
Vos - Input Offset Voltage 7 mV Supply Voltage - Min 3 V
Minimum Operating Temperature 0 C Maximum Operating Temperature + 70 C
Ib - Input Bias Current 250 nA Operating Supply Current 175 uA
CMRR - Common Mode Rejection Ratio 80 dB en - Input Voltage Noise Density 35 nV/sqrt Hz
Series LM324 Packaging Tube
Amplifier Type General Purpose Amplifier Features Standard Amps
Height 4.57 mm Input Type Rail-to-Rail
Ios - Input Offset Current 150 nA Length 19.3 mm
Maximum Dual Supply Voltage +/- 16 V Minimum Dual Supply Voltage +/- 1.5 V
PSRR - Power Supply Rejection Ratio 100 dB Supply Type Single, Dual
Vcm - Common Mode Voltage 0 V to 28 V Voltage Gain dB 100 dB
Width 6.35 mm Unit Weight 0.032734 oz
Package/Case PDIP-14

LM324N Parti equivalenti

Potresti prendere in considerazione queste parti sostitutive e alternative:

Numero di parte

In magazzino



Numero di parte:  LM324AN

In magazzino:  3.618

Pacchetto:  DIP14

Descrizione:   Operational Amplifier, Single Supply, Quad

Numero di parte:  LM324D

In magazzino:  3.534

Pacchetto:  SOP-14

Descrizione:   Op Amp Quad High Gain Amplifier ±16V/32V 14-Pin SOIC Tube

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Product as described and arrived in great order!Now using it with my Hue Light bulbs and it works a treat!



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